Leg Exercises for People with Diabetes

People with diabetes are more likely than others to develop problems in the legs and feet. Daily exercise and not smoking can help prevent serious damage.

  Walking: Take a brisk daily walk of  - 1 hour. Try to increase the distance every day.     Staircase Exercise: Walk briskly up a flight of stairs using only the balls of the feet.     Stretching the Calf Muscles: Lean with the palms of your hands against a wall. Keep your feet some distance away, the heels firmly on the floor. Bend your arms 10 times, keeping your back and legs straight.  

Chair Exercise: Sit down on a chair and raise yourself up 10 times keeping your arms crossed. Tiptoe Exercise: Hold on to a chair and raise and lower yourself on the toes of one foot, then the other. Leg Bends: Hold chair. Put one foot forward as shown and lower body straight down, keeping both feet on floor. Raise and lower 10 times. Change legs.

Heel Raising: Get up on your toes and then down on your heels, about 20 times. Also try putting your whole weight first on one leg and then the other. Leg Sweeps: Stand with one leg slightly raised, on a book for example. While holding on to a chair or table swing the other leg back and forth 10 times. Change to the other leg and repeat. Wave Your Feet: Sit down on the floor and lean backwards. Shake your feet until they are relaxed and warm.